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PetSmart Improvements to Grooming Policies

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  • PetSmart Improvements to Grooming Policies

    PetSmart's has implemented an action plan that the company said will provide pets with an even safer and more enjoyable experience in its grooming salons.

    PetSmart is recruiting a team of recognized independent industry experts, accomplished master groomers and accredited veterinarians, and pet behaviorists that will undertake a detailed review of PetSmart’s current training and grooming safety standards. The team will provide an unbiased report of its findings and recommendations on any potential areas for improvement.

    In recent months, PetSmart has made headlines after customers in several states filed complaints about the retailer’s grooming practices. Multiple reports have cited animals being hurt—or worse—at PetSmart facilities.

    Beginning this year, PetSmart will host open houses in all grooming salons for pet owners to meet their local groomers, discuss their pet’s specific needs, tour their local salon and have all their questions answered. The open houses will include informative sessions with an overview of safety and training standards, grooming tips and procedures and a review of PetSmart’s recently enhanced assessments of pets brought in for grooming, designed to ensure a safer grooming experience............
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    Great. Seems that part of the revised Policies under currrnt implementation include refusing all Brachycephalic dogs for grooming. At least that’s what is happening at the local pet somethings near my shop and within a 10 mile radius. That’s roughly 5 pt 6 stores.


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      Official policy is that these dogs are allowed, but booking them as an "express" service. However it's only haired ones, like boxers, pugs and bulldogs, so Shih's and Brussles and such are fine, go figure. So the bather goes straight through on the service, and they don't get kenneled except at the very end if the owner doesn't show up within 10 or so mins after the service, where they are kept under monitoring. Also, no loops around their necks, figure-8 or across the chest only. The current climate has also gotten a lot of salon and store management to be rather gun-shy on old or difficult dogs that we would normally have no problem taking in, so you all are likely to get a lot more clients bad mouthing the Corps for declining to groom their little Pookie, as if we didn't already get enough flak.


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        I was in a PetSmart today and saw the grooming staff cuddling a dog at the front desk. Great! I feel like they should do that A LOT -- cuddle and baby talk and make themselves visible expressing affection for animals, so that clients understand that most groomers there love pets.
        Rule changes are needed, but people are affected by what they see and hear.