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Dog Grooming in South Africa

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  • Dog Grooming in South Africa

    HIS love for animals was what made 70-year-old pensioner, Gangarparsad Lutchman, turn his yard into an animal wonderland.

    Lutchman from Orient Heights started keeping animals in 1995 and now owns Spangas Dog Grooming Parlour, which pampers dogs from all over Pietermaritzburg, Hilton and Howick. He told Maritzburg Fever he has always had love for animals.

    “Before this yard became a dog parlour I used to keep all kinds of animals, from fish, snakes and birds,” he said. Lutchman said the idea of starting a dog parlour came after he saw there were many people in his area who take their dogs to town for grooming.

    “I wanted to bring change to my community. I wanted to do something different for them, because I also used to walk my dog to town for grooming.

    “I started the parlour in 1995 in Raisethorpe and stayed there for three years. However, I had an unfortunate incident and got shot and moved to Orient Heights.”

    He said his car was parked outside a bank and armed robbers held up a coin security van. The robbers started firing and Lutchman was in the car and was badly injured.

    “That did not bring me down because I continued with what I was doing, but had to do it in my yard.”

    He encouraged dog owners to take care of their pets.

    “There are people who own dogs, but they don’t really care about them. That breaks my heart. When I started this it was not because of money, I did it out of the love I have for my babies. They need love and pampering just like us.”
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