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Grooming Takes Dog from Bow Wow to Wow Wow

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  • Grooming Takes Dog from Bow Wow to Wow Wow

    For a long time I refused to consider getting a dog. It hurt too much to lose one.

    Something came over me, though, when my friend told me about his friend who had found a dog and took it in temporarily, but couldn’t keep it because his dog was too aggressive toward it.

    What if this guy takes it to the pound? It didn’t do anything wrong. He doesn’t deserve that. What if he just dumps it someplace?

    Little did I know the guy is a dog lover like me and would never do such things. But, driven by worry, I took him.

    I wasn’t thinking too much about the fact this hairy cur is the kind who has to be groomed. I swore I would never have one of those high-maintenance pooches.

    But I took that pile of hair home and, the next thing I knew, I was making an appointment with a groomer..............
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