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Groomer Bites Dog and Breaks Finger

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  • Groomer Bites Dog and Breaks Finger

    A Melbourne woman has bitten a Staffordshire Terrier in an attempt to stop it from savaging her own dogs during a frenzied attack.

    Despite having her finger broken in the attack, Sharon Fish latched on to the dog's neck with her teeth and refused to let go, when she was faced the prospect of losing her beloved pets Snuggles and Kayla.

    "It had her in his mouth so I just went like that, so I had its skin, muscle and I just carried it in my mouth," Ms Fish told 7 News.

    It was an instinctive reaction that saved her dogs' lives.

    "This was the worst attack I've ever seen or been involved in, but my first priority was not to let my dogs die," she said.

    Ms Fish was walking four dogs at Seabrook Reserve in Broadmeadows when a Staffordshire Terrier attacked.

    "I've got a broken finger… it actually snapped my finger in half, the bone in half and I've got about seven or eight stitches in that finger there."

    She refused to let go in order to protect her beloved pets. Source: 7 News

    The owner of the terrier ran away during the attack.

    "All the owner had to do was help me, he could have helped me restrain the dog and I wouldn't have been bitten.

    "Snuggles would have been roughed up but Kayla wouldn't have been hurt."

    A professional dog groomer. Ms Fish's injuries mean she is no longer able to work.

    Ms Fish suffered a broken finger in the battle. Source: 7 News

    She's been forced to have a garage sale this weekend to try and raise money for herself and her dogs.

    The owner and the dog haven't been seen since the attack on January 29

    Anyone with any information on that attack should contact Hume Council.
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    I know a groomer that bit a dog, not bad, but did. I don't think an owner would take that lightly. As I remember she said nothing and it didn't show with the coat.