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Shelbyville Burglar Hits Businesses Twice (groomer included)

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  • Shelbyville Burglar Hits Businesses Twice (groomer included)

    SHELBYVILLE, Ind. -- A brazen burglar, targeting local Shelbyville businesses, has struck again. This time, causing more damage and stealing some of the same items as before.

    The burglar was first caught on surveillance video at Premier Loving Care, a pet grooming salon, downtown on Dec. 11. Video shows the man attempting to pry open the cash register, before taking off with the whole unit. Just before that, employees at Sugar Coated Cakery, right next door, believe they were targeted by the same guy.

    "You don’t keep anything of value. We’re a pet groomer. The only thing that he could have taken was the register," said Lydia Edwards, owner of Premier Loving Care.

    After Edwards replaced both the back door he broke through and the cash register he stole, the unthinkable happened. The burglar hit again. Police were called to the store early Monday morning. This time, the surveillance video shows the man stealing the cash register and a Salvation Army donation jar. Police believe the same suspect is responsible for both burglaries.

    "It’s very frustrating, at this point we’ll still be paying off the first one we had it slated where we would have paid it off by February, all the replacement costs and everything and now it sets us back again," Edwards said.

    Next door at Sugar Coated Cakery, owner Mitch Mitchell said the guy busted through their back door and also stole their donation jar, plus some change from the cash register. Both business owners said the burglar cost them more in damages than he stole.

    "We’re still recovering from the first time and then eight days later we get hit again, unbelievable," Mitchell said.

    "This guy’s had a payday now two weekends in a row, he thinks it’s payday to come downtown to steal from people," said Edwards.

    Mitchell said he's received many tips about possible suspects. If you know who the person is, you're asked to call the Shelbyville Police Department at 317-392-5108.
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