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Self Proclaimed "Cat Rapper" Performs While Bathing Cat

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  • Self Proclaimed "Cat Rapper" Performs While Bathing Cat

    BALTIMORE, Dec. 21 (UPI) -- A Maryland "cat-rapper" performed a freestyle rap about the difficulties of pet grooming while bathing his pet cat.

    Baltimore-based iAmMoshow shared a video of himself rapping while washing his cat Ravioli in a bathtub.

    "Cat Bath," he wrote. "Don't try this at home kids."

    iAmMoshow rapped and posed with Ravioli in the bathtub, as the cat meowed and pawed at him in protest.

    The Baltimore rapper apologized to the feline for the means necessary to "keep you clean" while begging "Ravioli please don't treat me mean."

    After about a minute of rapping iAmMoshow ended the video to turn his full attention to bathing the restless cat who was attempting to climb on his head.

    While Ravioli appeared somewhat upset by the process iAmMoshow shared a comment on Ravioli's behalf ensuring the baths are a necessary part of the cat's grooming.

    "Before a lot of people start giving my dad a HARD TIME. He HAS TO GIVE ME A BATH," he wrote. "I'm a SPECIAL BREED OF CAT that requires it!"
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