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    The Dalles may soon be known as a city with some of the cleanest dogs in the gorge, thanks in part to a new downtown business.

    #On Dec. 12, Pawsh Spa opened at 204 E. Second Street, and several dogs have already been brought in for grooming. The fledgling business offers full service pet grooming, including washing, drying, cutting, de-shedding, nail trimming, and even brushing the animal’s teeth.

    #Owner Carole Ruise said she has been in the pet grooming business for about 15 years. She started out in North Carolina, and moved around a bit before settling back in The Dalles where she was born.

    #Even after high school, pet grooming was not on her radar screen as a career profession.

    #“I started out taking classes at a community college in North Carolina,” she explained. “I was still trying to figure out what I was going to do and took a pet grooming course just for fun. When I was in the class, I realized that’s what I was going to do forever.”

    #Ruise said the unusual name for her shop, “Pawsh,” came to her unexpectedly.

    #“I prayed about it really strongly,” she said. “I prayed about it and it came to me, and that was that.”

    #Pawsh will do dogs and cats, and Ruise is also open to considering more exotic animals as well.

    #“I suppose I could take whatever,” she said, mentioning bunny rabbits as one example. “But it would have to be done at special hours.”

    #However, even cats come with a disclaimer: “Cats at your own risk,” read a sign posted on the bottom of her price list for grooming.

    Photo by Jesse Burkhardt
    Kelly Call, a groomer at Pawsh Spa, works on an English bulldog in one of the three tubs at the new business.

    #She pointed out that’s because most people are not qualified to do cats, or often don’t want to try because cats are more likely to scratch or in general freak out about being immersed in or sprayed with water.

    #Pawsh has four employees, with three tubs available to give animals a bath. But Ruise is already eyeing growth.

    #“We will soon have a fourth tub,” she noted.

    #Two of the tubs will be made available for self-service grooming, where customers can come in and wash and groom their own dogs or cats.

    #“We provide the shampoo, conditioner, towels and aprons to keep them dry,” Ruise said.

    #Costs to use the Pawsh facilities to beautify your own pet range from about $10 to $30, depending on the animal. In general, the longer the fur the higher the costs.

    #“If we do it, it will be $25 to $100, depending on the pet’s type and size and what other services are requested,” Ruise explained.

    #Pawsh groomer Kelly Call, who has been trained to handle all breeds, said working with dogs is a real pleasure.

    #“I started grooming poodles about 10 years ago,” Call said. “I love it. The business is family-friendly and my kids are learning a love of animals, and that’s important.”

    #Ruise added that after her many years in the grooming business, she has learned not to be worried that a dog may react badly to some of the treatments and bite. She trusts her experienced staff to deal with these situations.

    #“The girls know how to handle dogs, and we don’t have a lot of trouble,” she said.

    #According to Ruise, another aspect of her business that is different from many pet grooming businesses is that everything is out in the open, with no secrets.

    #“You can see what we’re doing,” she said. “You can work right next to us. We’re trying to change the way people see dog grooming. Here, you won’t see only the reception area. Here you know how clean everything is; you can see it, and see us clean between every dog.”

    #Also, Ruise pointed out there are no “cage dryers,” where animals are placed in a cage with a dryer blowing on them. It’s all done by hand with individual dryers.

    #The early returns are positive for Pawsh, with six dogs getting a cleaning in the first two days the business has been open.

    #For now, the business will be open six days a week, Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day.

    #“People can drop in or make appointments,” Ruise said, “Appointments are preferred, especially if we’ll be doing the grooming for them.”
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