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Hands on Grooming Gloves

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  • Hands on Grooming Gloves

    Groomer Morgan Kerner can handle huge amounts of hair--like the kind that covers one-year-old Samantha's body.

    "In the summertime, it's crucial to make sure she has that second coat brushed out to keep her cooler," Morgan said.

    Whoever adopts Samantha from the Kansas Humane Society, will need a brush... or, maybe the "HandsOn" grooming gloves.

    A video on The Grommet's website says, "The gloves have a flexible design, with nubs and grooves that are shorter than brush bristles. So, shedding hair comes out easily instead of getting all tangled up."

    You can buy a pair online for $25. That does not include shipping.
    The gloves have "scrubbing nodules" on the fingers and palms. The directions are simple... just pet.

    "I am getting some hair for sure," Morgan said.

    Morgan pets Samantha in the direction of her coat.

    "So it is picking up some hair and debris," Morgan said.

    In a matter of seconds, Morgan has a hand full of fur.

    And, the best part?

    "She (Samantha) just thinks she's being pet," Morgan said.

    Morgan likes that she can better maneuver in hard-to-reach-places. This expert groomer says she would recommend using these gloves on a mat-free coat.

    "I would say it's not as good as a brush, but it's better than not doing anything at all," Morgan said.

    Especially, for a dog that barks at a brush.

    "I think this is perfect for dogs that are scared or not used to grooming. It gives you one-on-one bonding time with your dog and she seems to really enjoy it. I think it could do wonders," Morgan said.

    Does it work?

    "It does work," Morgan said.

    The makers say you can use these gloves on horses, cats, and rabbits as well. And, you can use them to help wash your pet too.
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