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Clipping Away at the Grooming Shack

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  • Clipping Away at the Grooming Shack

    DULUTH, Minn. -
    The dog days of summer are quickly beginning to slip away, as the Northland prepares once again for chilly temps and frosty flakes to fly.

    As we found out in this week’s Animal Answers, it’s extremely important to occasionally visit, The Grooming Shack.

    "I learned by going to a school, I love dogs, I just love them!"

    It’s tucked away alongside the busy hustle and bustle of East Superior Street in Duluth.

    "I have a bashon that comes in named Fritz who is so handsome,” Kimberly Rines, Owner of The Grooming Shack said.

    It’s a place for your pups, to be pampered.

    "There aren't a lot of groomers available around here and I love to groom. I think that having access to that is extremely important,” Rines said.

    Kimberly has been clipping curls for over 20 years now, having moved to the Northland from the City of Seattle.

    Rines said, "Even when you come home from a hairdresser you just kind of feel good, you know your skin feels good, and you feel fresh and frisky and it's fun to see them walk out the door!”

    One by one, her customers now prance out the door of her Grooming Shack.

    "I have full service grooming which includes the bath, brush out, clipping the toe nails, cleaning the ears, and the haircut if necessary. I also have self–service grooming where you can come in and we have everything that you need to clean up your own pup!”........
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