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Julie's Barks & Bubbles A One Woman Show

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  • Julie's Barks & Bubbles A One Woman Show

    Running a pet grooming and pet daycare business by yourself is no easy task, but somehow, Julie Lund is doing it successfully.

    Julie's Barks & Bubbles will celebrate its ninth anniversary in September, and Lund has almost 20 years of experience working with pets.

    "I love dogs and I just wanted to make them feel comfortable and pamper them. They're so loveable," Lund said about opening her business. "It's like a spa day for dogs and they get to play with other dogs while their parents are at work."

    The South Windsor resident added that the daycare is great to socialize dogs.

    Lund, 38, is the only employee at the shop, but she said she prefers it that way.

    "People like that I'm the only one here," she said. "Each dog gets a personal touch by me."

    Julie's Barks & Bubbles has an open floor plan, which allows pet owners to see what goes on in the shop. Floors are washed every day and the dogs have an open area to mingle with one another. None are kept in crates.

    Pets who are groomed are usually ready to be picked up three to four hours later, which is quick compared to other shops that require dogs to be there all day, Lund said.

    She also offers owners a chance to self-wash their dogs if they choose.

    "They can come in, use my shampoo and dryers and the facility for people who want to stay with their dog," she said................
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