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Pet Paint After Being on Shark Tank

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  • Pet Paint After Being on Shark Tank

    ver want to paint up or dress your own pet? Well, if your poor dog is anything like mine and hates when you try to dress her (or him) up in human clothes, there’s now a fun alternative. Pet Paint is a great way to decorate your pet for any occasion – and won’t make any mess! Read on more to find out what Pet Paint is, and how Shark Tank helped

    Pet Paint on Shark Tank

    Pet Paint is a great way to dress up any pet - it doesn't have to be a dog, but for maximum surface area, dogs are recommended

    Abe Gerry is seeking $200,000 for a 20% equity stake in his company. Abe says that what he is about to show the Sharks is incredible, and is one-of-a-kind; pulling the sheet off a table, he reveals his invention, PetPaint. Mark immediately cringes and looks away; this could be a record time for my favorite Shark to exit the deal. Even Robert seems taken aghast, as right below the logo of PetPaint the graphic says “Colored HairSpray for your Dog”. Abe calls for the hounds to be released, and numerous dogs handled by walkers are escorted out. All of them are painted with designs, such as a football jersey, stars and flowers, stripes, and even comes with stencils for each purchased can of PetPaint. PetPaint is veterinarian tested, super dry, washable, and easy to use..........
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