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Where is Glen Garcia's Dog Grooming Business?

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  • Where is Glen Garcia's Dog Grooming Business?

    Tuesday June 14, 2016 is a day that shall live on in forever in our hearts and minds, because it's the day that 12 of the cast members of Big Brother 18were announced by CBS. In the future, there will be parades to celebrate this day, hopefully people will get off work, etc. For now, we just have to settle for information on the cast to tide us over for BB18 and the eventual holiday. One of the cast is Glenn Garcia, who according to Big Brother Network is a former NYPD detective and current dog groomer. He's also the oldest member of the cast at 50 and describes himself as "small, big, and great." I don't know about you, but I'm agreeing with him on the "great," because leaving a job where you have to work with humans who commit crimes in order to join one where you just get to work with fluffy puppies sounds like a pretty great idea to me. But where is Glenn Garcia's dog grooming business, if you want to get in on that action?

    Like Glenn, his business is based in New York. It's called Pet Pampering Patrol, which seems like a fun wordplay on his past life as a police officer. The business doesn't have a specific location, because it's a mobile pet grooming business. This means that Glenn and his crew go around in their car and do grooming in the full-on doggy spa in the back of his van. They service different areas of New York including the Bronx, Lower Westchester, Yonkers, Mt. Vernon, and New Rochelle.
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