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Pet Groomer Cares About Pets and Owners

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  • Pet Groomer Cares About Pets and Owners

    Cheryl Thorpe, owner of Cheryl's Pride & Groom pet grooming, has been a pet groomer for almost 30 years and has owned her own establishment for 23 years.

    She said that she still keeps pets and their owners as the main priority.

    "Our work never goes downhill," Thorpe said speaking of herself and the other groomers. "It's all to perfection and to what the customer wants. I cater to the customer's needs and liking, which I think is important."

    Thorpe started her career as show groomer while specializing in particular breeds of dogs, such as Bichon Frise, she said...........
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    I like when they title articles not so cutsie and show the caring of the groomer.