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Can the General Public Go to a Barkleigh Grooming Event?

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  • Can the General Public Go to a Barkleigh Grooming Event?

    A reader criticized me a while ago, saying that she knew that I had access to interesting and different events relating to dogs and why didn’t I write about them?
    So here I am, reading a bulletin sent out by Barkleigh Productions Inc. that is sponsoring the 2016 PetQuest symposium for dog groomers. I called Barkleigh Productions before I started this column to make sure the general public would be welcome.
    I was told that, while the event is focused on practicing groomers and those interested in becoming dog groomers, if a few dog owners arrived and agreed to pay the $15 entry fee at the door, they could visit the trade show at 10 a.m. on either Saturday or Sunday.
    The person talking to me did not think a pet owner would be interested in spending between $200 to $400 to take in the various events and seminars. She did mention the contests that include groomer’s wire coated tournament, poodle tournament and sporting and freestyle tournaments, as well as grooming mix breed rescues.
    So this column is really for dog groomers or aspiring groomers. Oh yes, there are two sessions on grooming cats too, but let me give you an idea of the three-day program, which will be held June 23-26 in Wilmington, Ohio..............
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