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Pet Service Tax in Rhode Island Costs Business Owners

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  • Pet Service Tax in Rhode Island Costs Business Owners

    (Note: Customers refuse to pay so the groomer has to pay on their behalf).

    EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WJAR) — A push to repeal a tax that brings in about $2 million per year is gaining steam in Rhode Island.

    The Senate Finance Committee is set to review a new bill to strike out the pet service tax from state law.

    The 7 percent tax for dog grooming, boarding, as well as training, was written into law in 2012 with a promise that it would be temporary.

    Business owners told NBC 10 News it's time lawmakers stay true to their word.

    "It's a strain on me," Lisa Aguiar, who owns Heaven Scent Grooming in East Providence.

    Aguiar said nearly four years of the pet service tax has been a burden. She fought against it when it was first proposed, and now she's literally paying the price for its passage.

    "I still have clients that will refuse to pay $2.66 (in taxes). I just put it in for them. They just don't want to pay it in pet grooming. They just don't want to pay it," Aguiar said. "I do the best I can. I tell them what the law is -- that it's a 7 percent tax, but if they don't pay it, I have to absorb it."..............
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