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    Growing up on a farm, Michelle Brown dreamed of a job where she could bring her pets to work. In 2000, it became a reality when she opened the dog-grooming parlor and pet shop Bow Wow Petique.
    Brown and parlor co-owner Tom Heiges style an average of 15 dogs a day. The business, on 2039 S. Dupont Highway in Dover, is open Tuesday through Friday.
    Q Why did you decide to open up a business in Kent County?
    A I lost my job due to a buyout and got a four-month severance package. I didn't want to commute to Wilmington anymore so I said, “What am I going to do with my life now?” I got tired of working hard for everybody else and wanted to work for myself. At the time there were only two groomers. So I took my severance package and went to dog-grooming school; and here I am.
    Q What makes your business unique?........................
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