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La Jolla Groomer Retires

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  • La Jolla Groomer Retires

    After about four decades as a dog groomer in La Jolla, Gloria Erickson retired in January … for real this time. Although she retired before, she says this time it’s for good.

    Known for her gentle touch and the “Zen environment” she creates for pets, Erickson said she worked with area groomers before opening her own shops. But growing up with dogs that had long fur, Erickson has been brushing coats and learning how to bathe them her whole life. “I had an Afghan Hound and they are like movie star dogs, they have long fur,” she said. “I thought if I could groom this dog with all this fur, surely I could be a good dog groomer. So I started by going in as a brusher and bather.”

    She went on to dog grooming school to expand her skills and then entered the work force...............
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