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Bit Overstated Criticism of Pet Salons?

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  • Bit Overstated Criticism of Pet Salons?

    What do you think? This is the first paragraph

    I normally don’t take my dog to a grooming salon due to the stressful environment. There are generally multiple dogs housed in dangerous drying cages barking non stop, and groomers are moving from dog to dog to get them out as quickly as possible – this often leads to nicks and cuts during grooming and added stress to the experience. My dog would often start shaking as soon as we entered these types of places, and he would be visibly stressed and unhappy upon picking him up – howling as soon as I walked in the door and whimpering all the way home.

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    Just a bit of over dramatic, lol.
    Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.


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      Someone passed their writing class. (Wink)
      After the opening its a blatant as for Bark Avenue. Nice press for them but the overly dramatic opening is unnecessary.


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        Yeah, just a little harsh. I am sure there are shops that operate the way described in the article, but there are MANY salons that pay attention to the dog and it's well-being and comfort.
        Also, if the dog shakes and whines going to the groomer, it does not mean groomers abuse the dog! Some dogs just do not like being away from home, or do not care for process of grooming, no matter how nice you are to them, they will still shake and whimper.


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          It is get what you pay for. Some salons are so low priced that volume is the only way they make a profit and that means rushing and when you rush more accidents happen. If the pet gets nicked a lot they will not enjoy being groomed as much as not being nicked and react they when enter and leave the salon.