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How Do You Treat Sour Smell on Wet Dog? Groomer Says...........

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  • How Do You Treat Sour Smell on Wet Dog? Groomer Says...........

    If it is a long haired dog, continuous brushing helps the dogs skin produce natural oils and if it is a short haired dog try some baby oil and again brush often or massage the… skin.

    The underlying cause needs to be found which could be anything from a fungas, parasite, allergy to cosmetic, allergy to diet... but if it is just minor dry skin this should take care of the problem.To get to the "root" (no pun intended) of the problem and stop your pooches dry skin you could add some vitamin E capsules 1 (One). 200 mg daily to his food. If your air is dry this could be making the problem worse. A humidifier might help. Oh, the vitamin therapy is only to be used for a short time. (10 days).You could try adding some Fish oil to the food, stick a pin in the capsule and add 1/2 of that to the food.My dogs had severe itching to the point of chewing their fur off and chewing the skin raw! Vet would give them steroids and antibiotics, but the side effects of both made them miserable! When we found a tumor on one of my dogs, I started researching canine cancer etc................
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