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Pet Salon Finds a Home in Nashua

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  • Pet Salon Finds a Home in Nashua

    Big news for pet owners in Nashua, the pet salon is now in Waterloo and Nashua. Wag-N-Tails Pet Salon has opened their second location in Nashua.
    Deb Barkhausen is proud to say she has opened a second pet salon and is ready for business. She has been a groomer for over 25 years and does grooming and boarding for pets in the area.
    Barkhausen started in the grooming business when she went under contract with a lady who trained her. After staying with the business for years she decided it was time to venture out on her own and started her first pet salon in Waverly.
    When Barkhausen moved to Waterloo, her business moved with her. She loved getting to know the pet owners and their pets. She has become friends with her clients, people and dogs, and excited to move to Nashua and start her pet salon in her basement.
    She was looking for a house which the basement could be her second location for Wag-N-Tails Pet Salon. Working in her home has been on her mind for a while now and when she found the house she knew it was time to begin the second pet salon................
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