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Are Dog Grooming Schools Worth It

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  • Are Dog Grooming Schools Worth It

    Some opinions.....

    I could answer this question quite easily, because as a professional dog groomer, this is not the first time I’ve been asked whether dog grooming schools are worth it or not. In short, yes, going to a dog grooming school is really worth the trouble and the expense, especially if you plan on doing this professionally or even if you’re simply trying to be very proactive with your pet’s grooming needs.

    But are dog grooming schools a necessary endeavor? Now that’s a different discussion altogether that would require a more detailed response and we will definitely explore it in the future. I will touch upon it at the end of this article, however.

    I have gone to a dog grooming school myself, and in this particular article I’ll use my my experience and knowledge on professional dog grooming to explain why going to one of the pet grooming schools is worth it from my perspective, and from a general point of view................
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