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Rumor of Petsomethings' Merging

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  • Rumor of Petsomethings' Merging

    SCOTTSDALE – Customers can browse organic food, peruse designer-quality clothing and enjoy the aroma of high-end shampoo wafting around the space at this luxury boutique in Scottsdale.

    But this isn’t a high-class fashion boutique: It’s a store for dogs.

    “These are our customers,” said Jackie Griffin, owner of the Oh My Dog! boutique and spa in Old Town Scottsdale. “Everything we do here is to service the dogs: If the clothes are comfortable, if they like the treats or if they are comfortable while being groomed.”

    The business caters to people who want to spoil and pamper their pups. Griffin and her husband said business is good. They have expanded to a seven-person staff and have a waiting list for grooming clients. And Griffin predicted it will stay that way, regardless of recent headlines....
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    Oh no. Please no.

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      While I know there are some good groomers working for the Petsomethings(this in not to slam you)I have recently had at least 5 new customers who went to my local corp and were butchered. Not only were they a mess when I got them the owners told me the attitude was "it will grow out". I see more of this in their future when/if they merger. I know a lot of you on here who work for a corp are VERY concienteous and caring and need to work for a corp to fit your financial needs....this is in no way a put down for you, but 5 people in a 2 week period is bad. I feel for groomers who are under the gun in these places and are manged by non-grooming managers who have no clue. I am guessing work quality varies from store to store also, and mine local store has some serious problems.


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        Oh, I completely understand. I'm fortunate that the two salons I've worked in have both had groomers that are career groomers that are dedicated and passionate about their work. We've had dogs come in from sister salons that needed correcting. I know from my personal training experience at my Petsoandso that as a whole, the corporation does not do a good job of training mentors to train new people. As far as I can tell, they assume that good groomers make good teachers and they just throw them into the mentorship position. They give us a training book and I guess we're supposed to have some sort of training schedule but it was not enforced at all in my case and in the case of the other groomer I saw trained.

        I can only see bad things coming from a merger. All the higher ups care about are food sales and image. They will never get rid of the salons because we can help build a loyal customer base. They will do everything they can to make the grooming salons idiot proof except adopt a more professional training system. They'll continue to take away cones, limit drying techniques, dictate what products and tools we can use and generally make corp grooming even more restricted and difficult all in the name of "safety" and "public image."

        I really hope that it doesn't take another dog dying in a salon to make the big wigs understand that their superficial fixes and action memos are not going to fix problems that are based in the foundational training these young people do or do not receive.

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          I have heard this rumor before. If you look at the ownership of each, they are VERY different. I just don't sense this happening.


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            I agree I think just a rumor, have heard it before too.