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Dog Groomer Loses Client's Dog

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  • Dog Groomer Loses Client's Dog

    A Jessamine County family is desperate for help after their dog goes missing from a grooming salon. The dog escaped from Precious Pets in Nicholasville last Wednesday, according to owner Mike Freese.

    After five days of searching for their dog named Dino, still no luck.

    "Slipped off the leash, ran across Nicholasville Road and he's been missing ever since," said owner Mike Freese.

    The owners of Precious Pets say they usually take the dogs for walks outside the building and in 30 years of business, this is the only problem they've ever had. .

    "They've really been trying to help us out in the search and they've gone out every day looking for him and posting fliers," said Freese.

    Freese says even a bloodhound handler came to help Saturday night. The bloodhound picked up scents of the dog as far as a half-mile away.

    "He took one sniff and took off running and hunted all around the area and found his scent in several places," he said.

    Freese says Dino is known to run from strangers and he's not wearing a collar, but he should be easy to spot.

    "He's got a small growth on his chin. I would say grape-sized, and he might be shaved. His body is shaved but his head is not because they didn't finish the grooming," he said.

    If you think you've seen "Dino" in the past couple of days, or see him wandering around in the future, contact Precious Pets. ..............
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    So sad. A shop lost a dog in my town and it seriously hurt their business.