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Scissorhands' Pet Grooming Salon is a Cut Above the Rest

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  • Scissorhands' Pet Grooming Salon is a Cut Above the Rest

    Megan Curry is doggone good at her job, according to her clients. She’s so good that they nicknamed her “Scissorhands” after the Tim Burton character of the same name.
    “I was always fast and precise with scissors,” Megan Curry said with a laugh. “That’s been my nickname for awhile.”
    Curry is the owner of Scissorhands Pet Grooming Salon at 310 Johnstown Road in Beckley.
    “I can’t groom bigger show animals like horses, but I will happily groom 300-pound dog,” Curry said. “I’ve been doing this for awhile and I figured it was time to get out on my own.”
    Curry had worked at several shops and salons in the past, she said. It was finally time for her to become her own boss.
    “I felt like I needed to make my own atmosphere,” she said. “I wanted to be able to interact with my clients in a clean, sterile, nice environment.”
    Curry said she wants to be the one groomer that ..................
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