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Pet Owner Concerned About Injuries at Pet Groomer

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  • Pet Owner Concerned About Injuries at Pet Groomer

    LAREDO, TEXAS (KGNS) - A woman is warning pet owners to be careful after she says her dog had injuries to the face following a visit to the groomer.

    Police are now investigating the case.

    For this dog owner and her pet going to the groomer is normally fun and exciting.

    But this last time around she says that wasn't the case. One year old Bella is happy playing with her family.

    But two weeks ago what was supposed to be a regular grooming tripturned into something unexpected.

    "Severe significant redness and swelling over to the right eye and the left one was already starting to become the same", said Bella's owner.

    Bella's owner who doesn't want to be identified says Bella looked unwell.

    "Her eyes were just so swollen and bulging and I knew she needed treatmentimmediately", said Bella's owner.

    Quickly after Bella's owner took her to the vet.

    "Her vet did tell me that she sustained some bilateral blood vessel rupture and the only way that would happen is due to the trauma to the throat", said Bella's owner.

    We reached out to the pet spa where Bella received services.
    They issued us this statement.

    They declined to comment on this specific case, but they say they give their groomers these instructions:

    "Protect the pet and yourself at all times, if the pet does not want to be groomed, return the pet. If the pet displays overt signs of stress, aggression, or anxiety, return the pet. Keep a three-finger give on the holding leash for grooming.Pause if a pet becomes anxious or aggressive during grooming- stop grooming if necessary."....................................... .............
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