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Forleo Pampers Pups Head to Paws

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  • Forleo Pampers Pups Head to Paws

    Dara J. Forleo’s spa is not like most.
    There are no scented candles or massage tables. Fuzzy robes are nowhere to be found. Mud baths mean something entirely different. And clients usually like to lick your face.
    Forleo owns and works at Dara’s Paw Spaw, a pet grooming business in Peterborough. At 174 Concord St., Forleo takes a more holistic approach to grooming. Animals are always free of cages, restraints and muzzles while they receive one of the many services she offers. Products are always irritant-free, and treats are often used to encourage good behavior in the animals.
    When a dog is nervous about getting his or her nails clipped, for example, Forleo will offer the animal peanut butter after each snip. She said once she even put peanut butter on the nail clippers themselves so the dog would have to eat the snack off the device it was afraid of.
    Forleo, 40, of Keene has been at her current location for the last three years, but she’s spent her life around animals......................
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