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Budweiser Doggy Day Spa commercial

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  • Budweiser Doggy Day Spa commercial

    Have you heard the Budweiser "American Hero" series of advertisements? One of them salutes the toll booth coin collector, "You don't even have to wear pants." Then the voiceover, "My, what a breeze." There's one for the Boneless Buffalo Wing inventor. "You don't even know what part of the chicken it is, but we don't have a bone to pick with you."

    There's a new one for the Doggy Day Spa Operator. It says, "Leaving a dog in a 90 degree car? That's inhumane. Putting a dog in a 90 degree sauna? Now that's pampering." The voiceover says, "That will be one hundred dollars."

    The commerical says, "Your dog at home eats, sleeps, and goes number 2. Now there's a place he can go to and eat, sleep, and go number 2." The voicover, "That wil be six hundred dollars." There's more, too, I can't remember all of it.

    At the end it says, "Now every dog can have it's day. As long as it has an appointment.

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    I posted about this a couple weeks ago. haha You can go to (I think?) and listen to it.


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      That sounds funny I think those commercials are hilarious most of them make me laugh out loud. I think my favorite is Mr Taco Salad Inventor. Inventor of the 6000 calorie salad.


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        the taco salad

        that was a very funny one, poodlefluff. My daughter clicked on the Geico site once and we really laughed over that site.