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Bummer more bad grooming press

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  • Bummer more bad grooming press

    NBC 30 had another story entitled "Groom and Doom" on the late morning news and here is the link.

    I don't believe they need to make it sound so intentional everytime they air one of these stories. I know the person who owns the shop must feel horrible and then you have to hear those words all over the news.

    I would be balling my eyes out.

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    How sad for everyone involved. I know, first hand, how much it hurts to lose an animal in accidental circumstances, and can only imagine how painful it must be to the family.

    The story wasn't too clear about exactly what happened, although I gather that the dog stuck its head through the bars??? I would imagine that the owner, and everyone there feels terrible. Unless everything is in one room its difficult to always have an eye on every dog. I do know that if I was to have a shop I'd be sure to make sure I have constant survellaince of every day (or someone did). Even in that circumstance, though, I'm sure accidents can happen.

    What an awful thing to come home for lunch and see this post.
    don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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      On the story on the morning new it said he got his head stuck and choked to death. I can't imagine getting a call that my dog had died when I just dropped him off for a bath or neither would I want to be the groomer who found him in that state. I think I would of fainted.

      When I first got my new car and wasn't used to the electric windows, my dog stepped on the button with his head sticking out the window in the back and I was driving along and all of a sudden heard him thrashing around in the back, when I looked back he was in such a panic trying to free himself I was lucky he didn't break his neck.

      It seemed to take me forever to find the button and put the window down. It was really scary, I would of never thought of that had it not happened. I had to pull over and check him out while I calmed him and myself.

      Yeah I definitely wouldn't have dogs in a seperate hidden room (but sad to see I have seen this still at some shops) , but who knows, you could be working alone and take a quick potty break and have something happen in that itty bitty window of time you are gone.

      We just can't imagine every single possiblility for an accident to happen sometimes.


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        What a tragedy.

        This is how we (groomers) are portrayed by the media to the General Public as "Groom and Doom". They asked a local vet how to pick a groomer. How many mistakes have vets buried. How about the thousands of children who die every year because of negelent doctors and hospitals. How come the media does not play on the sympathies of the general public with doctors? I think because their children might have to see a doctor one day and they do not want the Medical Community upset with their portrayal of them. However the media doesn't give a rats ass about us. We are fodder for their machine.

        We cannot watch every dog every minute. That is an impossibility. But a small puppy should not be in a cage that he can get his small head through. It only took a few seconds for the dog to pass. My heart goes out to the owners however my heart also goes out to the Shop owner who thought she was doing the best she could and has endeavoured to make her business the best she knew how. It was a tragedy for both of them.



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          What a shame. I am sure that groomer feels horrible. I am glad that I am mobile. Not that accidents can't happen, but I don't have cages.
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            Chuck I agreee whole heartedly with you and I sent a comment to the News station using the same agrument you just gave about how they always over dramatize and give such brutal titles to grooming accidents and make the stories one sided.

            Further how they never give any other facts as to how many times us groomers find and bring problems to pet owners attention that save their lives. Not to mention the thousands of pets that are lovingly groomed without incident each year.

            Also, your absolutely right they would never slap that kind of rude title on a story pertaining to some surgeon who just killed a child on a table with negligence or any other professional for that matter.

            I was really offended by the way they worded the whole story and specifically the title.

            You just never know as careful as we wll are I always say that could've been anyone of us thinking and knowing in our hearts we were doing all the right things.


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              What a shame

              Thats sooooo sad. Basically a fluke accident really no fault of anyones. That could have happened at the vets or anywhere really. Im sure everyone feels bad about this.


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                The way they say that the dog was there for 2 hours and never even groomed they say that the dog was probably left alone the whole time and never checked on. They make it sound so horrible, but it probably all happened within 2 minutes. And I am sure we all leave dogs in cages for 2 minutes, even at home the pups owners have not spent every waking second or sleeping second for that matter checking on their pet. A vet tech friend of mine who has 10 dogs adopted a cute little terrier puppy, she had a regular collar on the puppy and when she came home the puppy was dead. It's tag had gotten caught on another dogs tag and it apparently strangled itself trying to get free. It was so sad she was devastated. But she knows it was an accident and nothing she could have know before hand. Having tags on our pet is supposed to be the safe thing to do. I believe this groomer was just a victim of circumstance. I don't really understand how if he got his head through how it would suffocate him though. Strange. So many times at the place I worked before dogs would step on a drain in the floor covered with a grate and get a toenail ripped off. It happened so many times they covered all drains with duct tape. We also had a sized hole in the tub rack and I have had dogs get two toes stuck in those they start freaking out. We have had to lube one up with conditioner and it came out. And that was at a multi million dollar facility with state of the art equipment. Stuff happens. No matter how careful we are sometimes.


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                  Here in Northern Utah we have a newspaper called "The Standard Examiner." Many people in our area jokingly call it "The Standard EXAGGERATOR" and this story is a prime example why the media needs to tighten up the reins a little bit.

                  No wonder I have ZERO trust in the media. TV or Print, I don't trust it.

                  Tammy in Utah
                  Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                    Since the place offered boarding and daycare, and the way the owner described the cage being too big, I bet the pup was in one of those free standing chain link pens. Those things are spacious enough around the gate closure that a little fella probably could get his head through. I don't see it happening in a regular wire crate. I'm sorry for the owners, but feel bad for the groomer too!


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                      My new client this morning (the one with the cute Irish Terrier) was more concerned about how I dry the dogs than my actual grooming techniques. I told her I hand blowdry with the HV as much as possible--all the way if the dog tolerates it--and if any cage-drying is needed, it's done with fans blowing cool air. I really don't think heated dryers work any better/faster than the fans, and I've used both--so it's the $13 9-inch fans from Wally-world for me!

                      Anyhow, with all the stories that have been publicized recently, this is the first client that's even asked about my drying technique.


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                        in 29 years of grooming I've never had any such thing happen!!! I've never groomed in the same room where the dogs are kept either! its common sense here. You wouldn't put an infant in a high-chair, nor do you put a puppy in an adult cage! I use lil pet taxis for the babies..and I never use heated dryers! on anything!! I have 24 cages..some open, some enclosed..none dangerous. you have to use your common sense!!!! some people just don't have it..the poor puppy! so sad.