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  • Saw a Teaser Commercial....

    The local ABC News is doing an expose story about a local veterinary hospital losing a client's pet. It's to be broadcast Thursday evening during the 10pm newscast.

    What upset me during the "teaser" was the fact that they showed a dog on the GROOMING table as part of the video. Since it's the veterinary hospital that lost the dog, why use this as an opportunity to make groomers look bad?

    Usually after these stories run, the video can be viewed on the KMBC 9 website.....

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    Turns out that this was a local vet I'd worked for in college.... And his business practices are, shall we say, a bit shady at times. At that time, he was the "shelter" for two cities on the KS side of the Kansas City Metro area(although his office was well into Kansas City, MO). During busy boarding times, he would euthanize stray animals the day animal control brought them in--and still charge the cities for the required 3 days. Owners would call, having been told by AC that a dog or cat matching the description of their missing pet, and the office manager would lie, saying no animal of that description had been brought in.

    He also had an incinerator for cremations and would charge for individual cremations but just toss those bodies in with the mass cremations. He kept a bucket of ashes in the room, and we were supposed to just scoop a "proportional" amount into an urn and seal it.

    Anyway, they lost this dog, a pomeranian, during Christmas boarding, and put up flyers in the area. When the family returned home, several neighbors came up and asked, "have they found Zoe yet?" They had NOT gotten any calls from the animal hospital that anything was wrong (I'd say this would be an "emergency" situation in which one SHOULD call the emergency contact number every boarding facility asks for at check-in). Even though it was New Years Day, they went up to the hospital but no one was there--but they did see one of the flyers with Zoe's hospital-record picture on it. No one wanted to talk to the owner, no one apologized; they just handed her her other pom and said, "no charge." They offered her another puppy, which she did take--another Pom. She called the office manager several times, and the OM was very rude to her, saying, "There is nothing we can do. She's gone. What do you want us to do about it?" And it turns out this wasn't the first pet that had been lost at that hospital--a cat vanished into the ceiling vent and was never seen again.


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      Wow, that's pretty horrible of them. I worked at a vet's when I was younger and a cat got loose in the ceiling tiles. A tile was open for repairs to that area and the cat jumped out of its cage and up the vet's body and jumped into the ceiling. We spent the rest of the day moving ceiling tiles to find and corner the cat. We found it. It was really upset so they tied a shot of anesthesia to a long pole and drugged that cat that way. It was in for surgery anyway. But at least they took the time to get it out again.


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        We had a cat do the same at another veterinary hospital I worked at. This was a feral cat--not owned by anyone. And he got loose, vanishing into the ceiling; no one would have missed him at all.... But we did NOT want an unvaccinated tomcat loose in the building spreading disease to the 3 office cats or any other cat in the place, not to mention scent-marking the place. So we kept the live trap the police had brought the cat in and set it up there, after locking up the office cats and putting away their food so he couldn't come down and snag a free meal. We caught him in there within 3 days.