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  • Blueberry Facials Gettin Hot

    Blueberry facials are one of the hottest new treatments to hit Winnipeg -- and the berry-scented lather is going straight to the dogs.

    A Crescentwood-area dog groomer is offering fruit-scented facials specifically designed for Winnipeg's four-legged friends.

    Facials for pooches are similar to the ones their owners might enjoy, except Tiffaney Taverner finds her canine clients try to eat the "mask," a brightly-coloured, blueberry-scented soap.

    "Most dogs try to lick it off, which is really cute," says Taverner, co-owner of Style 'N Paws.

    In spite of its bright blue colour, the only thing left on the dog after the treatment is the smell.

    "It doesn't have anything in it like when your grandma would go to the hairdresser for a blue rinse and her silver hair would have a blue tinge," said Taverner, a certified master groomer.

    Since Taverner added the blueberry facial to the list of services, some clients at the self-styled doggie spa have integrated the treatment into their pet's regular grooming regime, which varies depending on the dog and its owner.

    "Some clients come once a month to get the full meal deal," she said as a staff member trimmed the nails of a fluffy black Shih Tzu.

    Taverner said she discovered the blueberry facial product on a U.S. trip last summer.

    Later that year, Style 'N Paws co-owner Perry Gregorchuk started importing bottles of the blueberry-scented soap from California for distribution in Canada.

    Gregorchuk said the spa was busy around Christmas, and they're expecting another spike in business in the coming months.

    "We expect it to pick up for spring and summer. People like to go strawberry and blueberry picking," Gregorchuk said, referring to the scent left behind after the fruity facial.

    "We found instead of just getting a bone for their dog, people want something better. People like to spoil their pets."
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    I offer blueberry facials! I bought it at the tradeshow in Burbank


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      what does it do?

      can someone tell me the point of getting a facial for your dog? does it just make them smell better??


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        blueberry facials

        Originally posted by Butterfliekisses View Post
        can someone tell me the point of getting a facial for your dog? does it just make them smell better??
        I too would like to know the benefits of facials for dogs.



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          We do blueberry facials, they are a popular add on service in the shop. As well as teeth brushing. The facial makes lighter colored dogs faces "pop" they get pretty bright.Better than any "white'shampoo" we have used and the facial is soap free,tearless and aromatheraputhic, the dogs do try licking it off the whole time!!LOL!! It is a noticeable improvement in most dogs, the owner can tell for sure...and most of our clients that have had one get one at every groom now!!


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            South Barks Blueberry Facial

            Hello everyone!
            I would like to thank all of the groomers and spas out there who have tried and love our Blueberry Facial. As you know South Bark Dog Wash created the Blueberry Facial for dogs and cats. It is the original one, has the most natural Blueberry extract in it, is the most natural, tearless, and the most requested by the client. It works great. we are at the pet expo in Costa Mesa right now and have met many of you personally. Thankyou for doing what you do! I am one of the developers of the spa treatment facial for dogs. We developed it seven years ago and have been able to track over 200,000. facials since.
   Good washing!

            Donna F. Walker
            South Bark


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              still a little it for white dogs? to brighten them?


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                South Barks Blueberry Facial

                South Barks Blueberry Facial is not simply for white brightening, it does more than that. We do thousands of them a month at South Bark in San Diego. The Blueberry Facial is a tearless face wash, a body shampoo, and an all over color enhancer and brightener. The optical color brighter in it dramatically improves all colors, not just white. The product is all natural and gentle. It smell wonderful and clients love it. It helps with oxidation and staining and removal of face funk and smell.
                Clients laugh at the fact that their dog can have a South Bark Blueberry Facial until they actually get one. Then they tell their friends about it and your client base grows. Its a good product that actually calms the dog down, brightens and cleans their coat, and brings your salon/spa more patronage.

                I hope this answers your question. Thank you for allowing me to chat about it. You can read about it at or google it and read some of the news reports on the product. Donna


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                  Okay---so I am such a sucker..not really, but I just ordered a gallon of the Blueberry facial. I figure if the dogs don't look better, then I'll use it on myself! LOL

                  Can't wait to get it!!!


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                    I use the SouthBarks blueberry facial on all my dogs. We're an upscale salon and use it as a selling feature. People LOVE it. I take pics of all the blue faced dogs!


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                      Ok, I've never tried it but I bought a small bottle to try because of all the great reviews. So I hope my little poochies faces come out sparkling because it sure was expensive. I hope the wholesale price is alot better.


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                        I love it!

                        I bought a small bottle of the blueberry facial in Atlanta. I am really impressed with the results, not just on white dogs but on color too. It makes a noticable difference in the brightness of the coat and produces a nice lusterous look. My clients love it.


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                          I still don't really get it. Does it reduce tear staining? Does anyone have any pictures showing a difference it makes? It sounds pretty vague.


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                            I think that this is a nice little marketing campaign for a "spa" type product- no harm no foul, but don't treat me as if I am not willing to make the effort to be an informed consumer.
                            I remember (long ago) reading about this kind of marketing push- make a product more appealing to buyers not by a 'real' feature, but by adding 'curb appeal' and making it a prestige item rather than something which is revolutionary or radically different.
                            *There is nothing wrong with this practice* so long as your product does what you say it does, and you are selling it at a price which is commiserate with its worth.


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                              Originally posted by Dawn125 View Post
                              I still don't really get it. Does it reduce tear staining? Does anyone have any pictures showing a difference it makes? It sounds pretty vague.
                              I would like to see some pictures as well. Donna do you have any?