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Deal or Dud? Handy Groomer

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  • Deal or Dud? Handy Groomer

    Watch the video on story page.

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    Professional groomers do it better! With that product you still have to get on your knees (ouch) bend over and hurt your back, and the dog air dries creating tangles. I think having a mobile groomer is a better option, or going to the shop. That product is a poor attempt to clean the dog. The recir system works better. Also, the dog needed to be hooked to the wall like we do in our tubs. A mat for non slip too. Now when someone invents a magic wand, they will really have something. Until then, we professionals are the best way.

    Stephen: And we all know the undercoat that pet owners keep bathing in and creating matted messes.


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      I saw this in a magazine as well. Looks a lot like the rapid bath by hydrosurge. I think for those who insist on doing it themselves it's certainly easier than what they normally do. A professional will always do it better, but there will also be many that insist on doing it themsleves. So I think for the purpose it's supposed to serve, it probably works fine. Certainly looks easier than using buckets in the tub! Ouch, my back hurts thinking about it.

      Stephen: Did you see how uncomfortable the little dog looked, and she almost shot it in the face with the jet? Yikes.
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        I think

        it would be helpful to simply bath a dog. Like they said similar to a bath sprayer. But no it won't take the place of a professional groomer.
        Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.