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Groomers Makes Dogs Look Their Best

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  • Groomers Makes Dogs Look Their Best

    The latest Palm Springs area news from The Desert Sun newspaper in the California desert. Coachella Valley photos, obituaries and events calendar.

    Cathedral City resident Marion Markard, won't leave her dog, Pete, with just anyone for grooming. So when Nancy Edwards opened Furry Paws Grooming in December 2007, Markard thought she would give it a try.
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    Sounds great! Note to clients, I will now be charging $200 a groom and will only take 2 appointments a day!


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      Aww nice to see a positive article but what is a hurricane dryer? The HV. I don't think an HV is traumatizing for all dogs but some.


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        Its nice to see some positive press for members of our profession. That said, though, I have to take issue with her statement, “We never use the hurricane dryers. Never ever. It is traumatizing for the dog.” I wish, wish, WISH people wouldn't make such broad generalizations, giving my customers yet one more thing to worry about. A large percentage of my clients are attracted to mobile grooming due to the fact that there are no [B]cage [/B]dryers used. They have "heard things" about the dangers of cage dryers, or "had their dog traumatized" by the use of a c.d. in a shop setting. So - cage dryers are traumatizing? "Hurricane dryers" are traumatizing? That doesnt leave us with a lot of options, does it?

        I have 2 dryers: one HV and one hand-held Andis blow dryer for the little guys that simply cant take the force of the HV. I have yet to have a single complaint about any of my dogs being "traumatized" by ANYTHING that goes on in my van. In fact, I've changed quite a few minds, both human AND dog, about the whole grooming experience...and the HV was a factor in nearly every one.

        As for letting the owner stay for the groom....Well, it certainly wouldn't be my FIRST choice (although it has come up a couple of times in the past) but if she's able to manage it without going completely insane from having to deal with dog AND owner hat's off to her!
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          LOL...this is pretty much exactly what I do, but I do use a HV dryer


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            With no HV, how does she dry the big and hairies? Or does she just not take them?


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              Originally posted by Dog Daze View Post
              Aww nice to see a positive article but what is a hurricane dryer? The HV. I don't think an HV is traumatizing for all dogs but some.
              I think she meant these:

              We use these dryers in our salon.