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Brief, Emotional Reunion For Groomer And Seized Pets

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  • Brief, Emotional Reunion For Groomer And Seized Pets

    Guilford County, NC -- Kaye Jones called her pets by name as she touched them through their cages.

    She's fighting to recover her dogs and cats after animal control workers seized them. State inspectors cited Jones for unsanitary conditions, and stripped her boarding license.

    In all, 39 dogs and cats were taken from the Battleground Pet Inn on Friday March 5th. They are all personal or family pets of the facillity's owner, Kaye Jones. They're now staying at the Guilford County Animal Shelter.
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    So somewhere in one article it was mentioned that there was an argument with the inspector, who then possibly abused her power by doing this. Sounds like usual stuff to me.

    The dogs mainly look good. The place does NOT look bad. It was mentioned that many of the dogs are older - those are the underweight ones, I believe. No shock there.

    While I will question why she keeps 39 animals, and why they are in crates if they are HERS, there does not seem to be the grounds to confiscate them and cost this woman $1000 or more for boarding and inspecting the animals.

    Bureaucracy in motion.