Here's a business tip: become a dog groomer. Am I the only dog owner who's confronted with month-long waits for a booking with a groomer? Supply, clearly, is not matching demand, so what this market needs is a few more suppliers.

Not that it's an easy or unskilled job - far from it, I imagine. Every coat type is different, you have to be able to trim delicately or crop radically, or even pluck, and still get a perfect result.

And managing all those dogs through the stress of washing, drying and primping must require a lot of dog-handling nous.

My long-haired dachshund Phoebe is well overdue for a professional grooming. I keep forgetting to book, or else am put off by the long wait involved.

Which means that for a while, Phoebe's been getting an occasional, highly amateur clipping when it's super-necessary. That is, when her flowing locks are gathering plant- and wildlife. And when the growth on her hocks is lowering the standard of her toilet hygiene.

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Blog: Grooming your dog can be a stress. Which is why it's sometimes good to leave it to the professionals.