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    According to the noon news on kirotv they are saying that because of Jasmine getting her ear cut off it MAY lead to new regulations for groomers. will keep you all posted. I do not have a problem with being regulated. All of my customers for the past couple of days have mentioned the incident and have voiced their opinion. I have heard an ear full.
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    "Whoever Said That Money Can't Buy Happiness Forgot About Puppies"

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    [QUOTE= I have heard an ear full.[/QUOTE]

    What a pun!!


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      was not intended did not even think about it until I read your response
      "Whoever Said That Money Can't Buy Happiness Forgot About Puppies"


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        I just don't see how it could be possible what the groomer is accused of. Does anyone know if they found/arrested her? What if it really is something like a rubber band around the ear? This woman's career is ruined and she may not have done anything wrong. The whole story just bothers me.


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          I am all for regulation as well if it means the industry will garner more respect. Although I hope it is more along the lines of hair stylist certification - more about safety than technique.


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            It just made me ill reading it and watching the video. The poor dog. But how can anyone know what is the truth? Only the dog knows. It's very sad!


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              Somthing smells fishey!

              What was the groomer trying to do? The dog is a long haired dog nothing to cut on the ear? Only thing I can think of is they were trying to slice a matt and screwed up? But if this was a person who did not know about protecting the ear I do not think they could of know about slicing a matt.

              They had to glue the two sides of the ear first to stop the profuse bleeding. Then they had to glue the two ends together. It held for two weeks??? Sounds like the groomer was a model maker not a groomer.

              It just seems very strange. Maybe the owner/lady has Van Munchkins Syndrom by Proxy! LOL I feel bad for the dog but would really like to hear the "real story".



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                Dog -earred

                In tyhe beginning they said it was a Schnauzer,or is that another story? I think it was the same story.I still wish to hear groomers can you prove a rubber band after all this time?


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                  Now that is a theory! Never thought of that.

                  You mean Munchausen syndrome...people do to their children...very interesting theory...people Do think and treat their dogs as children! That is a csi tv story for sure! I wonder......I wonder what the owners history is and mental health ? Wondering.... .probably won't go that far to investigate...especially if groomer is missing.


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                    I'm more confused than ever. If you do a search on youtube and play the video, pause it right around the 30 second mark. Its kind of hard to tell but looks like just the edge was cut off, but if so I'd think she would have just glued the edge shut to stop the bleeding.

                    It seems to just make less sense every time the subject comes up!


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                      I was thinking about this today too. I thought about how easy it would be for a customer to take thier dog home and try trimming something they didn't like and blame it on the groomer. Maybe to pay the vet bill. Who knows..... This world is full of crazies.