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Oh, more bad press about groomers

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  • Oh, more bad press about groomers

    It's going to be on channel 2 news tonight in my state. I'm going to watch it and then put up more info. But apparently a dogs ear was cut off at a groomers today. They superglued it back on and sent it home without telling the customer. The ear fell off when the owner brought the dog home.

    Boy if that was me I'd be pissed. I wonder how it happened and what the owner is going to do about it.

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    There would be a ton of blood. How do you cut an ear off and super glue it back on and expect it to stay?
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      WOW, that is BAD!

      What time is that on, and what channel, Becky?

      Tammy in Utah
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        there is one grooming shop around here that is a shop but only advertises that fact with a notecard sized card in the window. (i heard this second hand from a lady who friend took their dog to that shop.) well i guess a student had cut off a schnauzers ears...chopped the tops clean off (im assuming it was cropped ears?) and then the owner of the business told the owner of the dog oh dont worry they will grow back. really? ears grow back? SINCE WHEN! LOL!!! i mean stuff happens...but DONT glue the ear back on! would also be PO'd if that happend to me if all of a sudden i take my dog home and his ear just fell off! i would be freaking out!


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            I can't imagine someone so ignorant as to try and pull that off! what an idiot! thats the kind of groomers that gives us , with good reputations..a bad name. What an idiot! I'm floored!!!


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              Ears sure do bleed!!

              I heard this story this morning on the radio. Tried all day long to hear it again..They never replayed it....I just have to think something is a little fishy here. If it happened, it had to be on purpose...and it had to take all day to make it look presentable to go home....I just don't think I'm buying this story. I do hope there's a follow up so we'll all know for sure. Just the mere thought of it is making me nauseous...


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                Tammy. I didn't see the commercial but my dad did. He said he saw it on channel 2 and it will be on tonight at 10.

                I can't imagine that it was the whole ear. It has to be just a small part of it or something.

                My old boss chopped half of a cats ear off one day. She was just cutting away with scissors and in the middle of the ear, got half way thru it. With the owner right there. Then she cut another small part off. Well she had the other groomer put quik stop on it and glue it a little. Then she showed the owners the small section she cut off and told them to watch and make sure it doesn't get infected. Both the other groomer and I were fuming. We so wanted to chase after those owners and show them the whole thing, but both of us really needed that job at that time. As soon as we could, we both quit.


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                  OH my God that is horrible, the poor poor dog. I hope those people sue the pants off of that grooming shop. Things happen but that had to be out of shear stupidity that they would try to glue it back on. That poor dog must have been in so much pain. They need to be arrested for cruelty to animals. They would have had to hold the dog down for a very long time to get the bleeding to stop and put pressure on the amputation and the dog was suffering through that whole process. What if the severed a nerve? This make me so angry.


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                    I don't know. Gotta wonder what the whole story is. If you google "Groomer cut dogs ear off" you get a whole bunch of stories about this. Not much info but it appears it is a shihtzu. the article says the owner has been crying for weeks over this. So when was it groomed and when did the ear fall off? Next day? Six weeks later? The dog is very bushy and doesn't appear to have been groomed or have had a haircut in a year. It also says the groomer has gone out of business? Wierd. I can't even imagine what the groomer would have been doing with the sissors near the ear if the dog didn't get a haircut anyway.

                    We have a customer with a shihtzu that arrived with a big rubber band around both ears on top of its head. It looked like a big ponytail. They never mentioned the rubberband. We removed it of course (the rubber band, not the ear). A month later the dog returned for another grooming and the bottom two inches or so of one ear was rock hard. The next grooming after that the bottom section of ear that was hardened was gone. The rubberband had stopped circulation to the ear causing it to eventually fall off. Gotta wonder if maybe something like this may have occurred in this case.

                    Or, maybe, the groomer really did cut off the ear and glue it back on. There are stupid people in every profession.


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                      I Find It hard to Believe

                      In ALL my many years out there as a groomer,I have never heard of such a thing. I have seen bad ear crops, and in my mind only, I would like to recrop them pads cut in strips just inside of underneath ear..BUt I would NEVer attempt to cut one! When Traveler was 3 mos I flew to LA Burbank for ear crop. I should have walked right out. The only 100 + plane faRe would have been no loss. This vet was rec by breeders who had Entire litters done by him. He showed Schn. at one time. Welll, I watched him cut off Travelers" ear! It pops right up, like cropped. He actually cauterized it with a wood burning tool! Not much blood in one fell swoop. But he got it quick. His ears were cut awful...lokked like those heart-shaped plant leaves. I did not stay overnite as I shouod have. I got a ride to airport from fellow Schn pup ear patient. You could Hear him crying under floor of plane! Honest. Oh My Baby! You will see perfect sitting uncropped in pup photo. Nowafter 2nd crop w/ another vet.too narrow. When his is alert, the come together and touch at tips. I even went so far as to have a Sants Rosa vet slide plastic strips under skin of top of ears.for a few weeks. Did not help, carteledge already bent somewhere down the road. I used flexible foot -heel pads in quarter inch strips in er to tip. Poor boy. No wonder he never liked hair taken from ears. I wanted him to look like G. Dad cuz he has same champion head and face. What I did for looks....So he wore hats to art and wine festivsls proudly, and noone noticed his ears....Really. Top hat. sailor hat F> Sinatra stle onver one eye.Derby. Baseball (49er key chain ) Hardly have photos of him without a hat on.If I have photos put on a disc at office store.can they download to here? Pam may know how tro do it...or this computer is portable w/ internet hook up they have.Sorry so loooong.Traveler was asleep for all ear crops etc.


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                        Video of Story

                        Here's the link to another thread where this topic is being discussed. It includes an article and video link from a Washington news station.



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                          I saw it on the 5:00 news.

                          Couldn't believe it. Lady washes her dog at home in the sink, and the ear falls off. How nasty is that. Some groomer in WA. They were shut down imediately. Dog had a nasty infection. You'd think the owner would have noticed the smell. Of course, maybe that's why she was bathing the dog again at home. I tell you some people...