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Is Your Dog Dominant

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  • Is Your Dog Dominant

    Dominance/alpha theories debunked.

    You hear the terms dominant or alpha all the time to describe a non-trained or aggressive dog. Perhaps at a dog park or from some television show. Such labels are tossed out all the time to explain why a dog is misbehaving.

    Some common behavioral issues mislabeled as dominant or alpha may include jumping during greetings, eliminating in the house, pulling on leash, sitting on its owner, protecting bones or food (resource guarding), growling, biting and more.

    Since most owners of untrained dogs are already frustrated with the dog, the explanation of dominant or alpha plays right into the negative feelings many already have towards the dog. However, implying that a dog is doing such things on purpose to one-up their owner causes many individuals to engage in a never ending power struggle where each party is constantly trying to achieve status over the other.

    Does this sound like a healthy relationship? How many people want to be in a relationship with someone who always has to win? Who always pushes them around? Who has to be right every single time? How has to always be in control? Not me!.................
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