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What is with Hank the Dog?

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  • What is with Hank the Dog?

    The Brewers have been forced to call a press conference for Friday afternoon to address rumors that Hank the Dog, their unofficial mascot, died or was otherwise replaced by an imposter. It’s a weird situation.

    Naturally, the internet is all abuzz with conspiracies, jokes and genuine concern for Hank the Dog. Don’t know what all the fuss is about? We’ve got you covered.

    Who is Hank the Dog?

    During 2014 spring training, a stray dog was hanging out around the Brewers’ facility in Arizona. He was underweight, appeared to have been hit by a car, had chipped teeth and a variety of other health issues. The team decided to give him a home (with VP Marti Wronski), name him after a Milwaukee baseball legend and use him as an unofficial mascot of sorts.

    Do people love him?

    Absolutely. How can you not? ..................
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