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Party Gone to the Dogs

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  • Party Gone to the Dogs

    Pet birthdays are mostly a dog-lover thing, Kellie Adkins, marketing director for Pampered Pets Bed & Biscuit, explains.

    “Cats would all just hide in the corner and hiss at each other,” she says, laughing.

    Dogs may not be aware of why they are getting special attention, but as a more social species, they certainly can appreciate cake and play dates.

    Adkins says that Pampered Pets, on Cook Road, hosts several pet birthdays a month.

    “I think a lot of times, with our clientele, we have older, established clientele whose kids are out of the house, or it’s people who don’t have kids yet. So, we see two different ends of the spectrum, and it’s just like having a kid,” she says.

    “They want the dog to have a good time.”

    If you’re the parent of a pet, here’s a few tips to get the party started.

    Getting out of the doghouse.....................
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