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Some Will Spend Tens of Thousands on Cancer Stricken Pets

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  • Some Will Spend Tens of Thousands on Cancer Stricken Pets

    For Mike and Beverly Berge, the decision to drive their beloved goldendoodle, Murphee, from Chattanooga to Knoxville for regular cancer treatments was a fairly simple one, made easier by simply looking into Murphee's eyes.

    "It was like looking into human eyes, and we were willing to do anything for her," Beverly Berge says.

    The Berges made a decision similar to a lot of pet owners these days when it comes to caring for their sick animals, even pets like Murphee who develop cancer or other diseases more associated with humans.

    Do whatever it takes. Whatever it costs.

    The medical care now available for pets rivals that of humans — and that includes the cost of doing so. Berge says she doesn't remember how many thousands of dollars it cost to care for Murphee, "but we are still paying off the credit card," she says.

    Dr. Mitch Rosenzweig, vice president of veterinary operations at Animal Emergency & Specialty Center, which has offices in Chattanooga and Knoxville, says pet owners are demanding the very best care for their pets, no matter the cost. He says the technological advancements in pet care over the years "has been amazing," and these days his center treats everything from bone cancer to lymphoma and tumors in all kinds of animals...........
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