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23 Cat Breeds That Shed the Most

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  • 23 Cat Breeds That Shed the Most

    More often than not, a cat’s fur is soft to the touch, and petting a feline has proven positive physiological effects. With different lengths, textures, colors and patterns, a cat’s coat can be captivating and alluring.

    While knowing which cats are hypoallergenic is helpful for those with pet allergies, being aware of how frequently a particular cat breed sheds is important for those with busy schedules who don’t have the time to groom their feline, vacuum their home, or want to be bothered with having a lint roller in close proximity at all times.

    With data compiled from TICA (The International Cat Association), CFA (Cat Fanciers' Association) and PetBreeds, here are the 23 cat breeds that shed the most. As fluffy as these kitties are, you might not want to choose one of these breeds if you fit the above description. Cat breeds are sorted by average user rating, from lowest to highest.

    #23. Kurilian Bobtail.........................
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