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Cat Suddenly Affectionate Toward Husband

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  • Cat Suddenly Affectionate Toward Husband

    Over the years, we’ve had several cats. Since I usually took care of their needs, they were always more affectionate with me. They didn’t snuggle with my husband very much, and that was OK with him. But the cat we have now is very different.

    This cat started out as a stray. Our neighbor took him in and kept him in her garage. The neighbor had him checked by a vet, got all his necessary shots and gave him to us a few months ago.

    He’s basically an indoor cat (though he sometimes goes out on the porch for a little while), and he has the run of the house. Lately, he has become extremely affectionate toward my husband. He sits in the chair with my husband, wants to be petted and sometimes sleeps on top of his shoes. He even yowls if he’s not getting attention. It might sound funny, but my husband’s arms are quite hairy, and it seems like the cat is grooming him! He’ll alternately lick himself and then my husband, to the point where we have to tell him to stop.

    I’ve never seen this kind of cat behavior. Can you explain it? — M.D., Scott Township, Pennsylvania....................
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