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  • Program on Doggie Day Care

    There is a program on this evening at 9:30 PM EST on the "WE" Channel if you get it on cable TV. It's about Doggie Day Care, pampering your pet for the day, etc. I believe it's only 30 minutes long - New Program. Didn't know where to post this but think it would be interesting to watch.

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    Are you talking about "Adventures in Doggie Daycare"? If so, I've seen several episodes. It's pretty funny. I saw one yesterday where they were training a new employee. The poor girl was running around with a bucket and baggies and mopping up pee and picking up poop the whole episode. At the end the business owner says to her that it looks like she will work out and she responds that she needs a day to think about it. Then they show her leaving the facility and she says to the camera "No Way!" Too funny.