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Loose Dog Told Where to Go

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  • Loose Dog Told Where to Go

    - Mary -

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    Poor dog,but sure can relate and I hope the owner got the message.If not the next time the poor thing might be shot.


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      That's actually pretty funny. You gotta admit the neighbors have a point.


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        I have done it

        My old neighbor had at least five dogs she let run the neighborhood.
        It was a rural area but still right next to a busy road that people walked on.

        I went for a walk one day and two followed me.
        One growled at me the whole time, the other one almost got hit twice.

        That one followed me to my back door, where I wrote a note on a sheet of paper and taped in around his collar. It read. Keep me home Or I will get killed. I didn't say by what, I thought that maybe they needed to wonder about that for awhile. There are people out there that would love the target practice. I took him home in my car, and ya know, I didn't see that dog ever again.


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          Wow, what gets me is if you go to the 3rd page and read the report, it says the officer was unable to examine the dog because it was LOOSE AGAIN!