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Egoli star's last wish for dogs

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  • Egoli star's last wish for dogs

    (Stephen: This is a controversial topic indeed. However, I expect this person to get bashed, that's fine. But, how many of you have a will that sets aside some funds to care for your dogs and assigns the names of the persons that have agreed to do so. About 10 years ago my mom did this in her will and you know, when you think about, it's what we all should we may bash...but we have to look in our own backyard too. This is a good topic...personally putting the dogs down doesn't get my s up...other arrangements could have been made...sad. I am interested what many of you may have done in such a case.)

    South Africa...Philip de Bruin, Beeld

    Cape Town - Egoli star Hannah Botha's last wish - that her dogs be put to sleep - has drawn brickbats and bouquets, the last from a respected dog trainer.

    Cape Town dog trainer and groomer Melanie Freedman said of this clause in Hannah's will: "I have the deepest respect for Hannah Botha.

    "Only someone who really cared about their animals would have the guts to put it in their last will and testament that in the event of the owner's death, their pets should be put to sleep."

    Hannah, who was one of the biggest stars of Egoli until her death, stipulated in her will that after her death, all six of her dogs should be put to death humanely.

    Some of the dogs had been with her for longer than a decade, and three of them slept in her bed at night.

    All six ate only the finest food, which frequently included expensive red meat.

    Hannah's family and friends apparently were surprised by her stipulation, because many people had offered to look after her dogs in the event of her death.

    "What people don't understand is that dogs also go through a period of mourning when their beloved, primary care-giver suddenly 'disappears'."

    A whole new routine

    "It seldom serves any purpose to give the dogs to strangers.

    "The dogs are used to a certain lifestyle, for example, in Hannah's case, sleeping in her bed at night.

    "In a new household they wouldn't be allowed to do that."

    "There are various things that dogs get used to with one owner, including their food. Then we, as humans, expect the animals to fit into a whole new routine overnight."

    "That is cruel and inhumane. I agree completely with Hannah that it is better for the animals not to suffer and rather to be put to sleep."

    "I have great respect for people like her who are prepared to think about what will happen to their animals after their death.

    "My own will has a similar clause," said Friedman.
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    i guess this person had no faith in any of her friends or family to care for her pets. that is sad. i have seen first hand how some animals easily adapt into a new households and then again others that do not. when my grandmother died i took her toy poodle.she was already 10 when i got her. she was never happy. she was not in the type of household that she was accustomed to. she was an elderly persons child. a lap dog. i have children and work. and even though i brought her with me to work everyday, this dog was not happy. on the other hand, I just found this little sheltie a week ago,( I am still looking for his home.) You would think he was in our family his whole life, from when he was a pup. so i guess it depends on the animals. i don't really like what she did either, but maybe she knew them best.


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      We as humans DO NOT expect them to fit into a whole different routine over night..... I expect there would be confusion, anxiety and sadness that would dissipate over the course of time. To think that your dogs could not be happy under anyone else's care is putting yourself on quite a lofty pedestal indeed!!!!

      How does she know if death is a more favorable option? Since I don't know what happens after death -- and I do know that someone else can love and provide for my pets after my demise, I would never consider having them put to sleep.

      I know her pets are her 'property' but I can't even imagine a vet willing to 'put down' healthy animals. I strongly disagree with this idea.


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        I typically do not believe in euthanizing any animal that is not sick or in pain, but this has left me stumped. Perhaps she believed that her pups would meet her on the other side. I can understand that. I have always felt like my life would come to an end early on, so my cats are something that I think of often.I am sure that the decision to have her dogs put down was a difficult decision to make. When you are so sure that death is coming, decisions like this/that are so much more important.

        I used to groom a cocker, I will call him D. For three years, D's dad would drop him off and pick him up. D's dad was very sick and very old. Last year, D's dad past away. D's dad had been so sick for so long that when he finally past away, a huge burden lifted off of D's moms shoulders. D's mom was a different woman, rejuvenated and free. D,however, was never the same. If D could go with him, he would have.


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          Once in a rare while

          a dog might be older and so deeply attached that I could almost understand that. But in this case I think selfish and arrogent. Yes one should think of what would happen to ones dogs when one leaves, but find great homes. Would she as a human have preferred to have been euthanized if she had to move and got a divorce?

          Nope I think only poor dogs, it could be their only life and poof with her wishes it's ended.
          Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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            I think there are some instances when euthanasia is the best option, but certainly not always. I used to groom a dog that was nearly blind and very dependent on his owner. When she passed away suddenly, the family opted to have the dog put down and cremated. His ashes were buried with her. And I think this was one of those instances where euthanasia was the best option.

            But I don't think I'd make that stipulation for my dogs at this point in time. Oli would be returned to Meg, and my daughter would gladly take Whizzy and spoil him rottener than he already is. Ten years from now, when Oli will be pushing 15, I might request he be put down, cremated, and buried with me. Only time will tell.