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Predictions of Food Problems 2 Years Ago

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  • Predictions of Food Problems 2 Years Ago

    I talked with an animal nutritionist about 2 years ago considering one of our talk radio shows. This person was a realist and not an alarmist but I thought when you consider the albeit few problematic visitors here, I wouldn't stir up a reason to claim conspiracy theories, etc.

    I've been holding back these last few weeks from saying anything, but now the latest articles about adding chemicals to produce higher protein readings is getting very close to what I heard 2 years ago.

    Here's thoughts, no conclusions, because these articles are still not telling you all the truth if this guest is correct, and at this point I edging toward convinced. Regardless if she is correct I doubt the media will tell the truth, do you really think the White House, the Congress as a whole wants its public to be scared of foods...well to be informed is to be better prepared and we can get around this widening problem.

    Personally we fought a toxic waste dump being put in our county in 2005 and 2006, and I can tell you for an absolute fact that cattle graze next door to these sites. Ours was allowed to get started and shutdown and 100 feet away one of the big local beef cattle ranches pastures his herd, the rancher let the land be used for toxic dumping next, at one time a part, of his ranch. Crazy and absolutely legal. Many people don't buy know but he can ship it anywhere. This does relate, and there are more than 10,000 of these sites in the U.S. Over 1,000 of us showed up to voice our opinion and it stopped the site.

    1) Do you remember the Love Canal (East Coast) toxic superfund site? People had to move out of their homes permanently. Well there are many listed superfund sites, quite toxic. OK, so you clean it up at a cost of billions but where do you put the waste?? Temporarily here and there. Some years ago a public record executive order allowed most toxic waste to go where??? Into fertilizer, our food fertilizer. That way it was spread out through thousands and thousands of miles. A real tragedy.

    2) She showed me numbers that there are crop shortages in the last 3 years in the U.S., nothing alarming, but weather has taken its toll and would continue. Did you read CNN and Reuters News about a week ago, the month long cold in the midwest ruined most of this years hard red wheat and farmers are desperately praying for a hot May to possibly recoup.

    3) Even 5% crop shortage means that you have to supplement the supply to boost its nutritional value, but methods are unsafe (and this 2 years ago I was told). She predicted the harm would be to livestock and pet food. HMM??? Why? Some of the grains not fit for consumption by humans and animals would be MIXED IN to compensate for the small crop shortages here and there, not everywhere. It is not yet a widespread problem. And not by manufacturers trying to harm us or our animals, but by less than impeccable suppliers. While this may be detected by the manufacturers, some would probably make it through, and most likely it would happen in the pet food or livestock because the quality requirements are far more lax for them than human grade.

    OK that's enough for now. I was advised more and these predictions appear to be playing out. It's a matter of morals and economics, and isn't it always seemingly? We need more regulation and testing obviously of the food supply, and we should join in with the farmers who lost a tremendous amount of the Spring's planting this year (we recently had notes up in our grocery stores about the freeze in S. CA, lettuce doubled and no citrus at all for 2 weeks except the ones in cold storage for months). Shortages give more reason for the despicable practices such as letting poor quality grains be used, and pumped up.

    Further, keep in mind that even in the human food chain toxics in fertilizers are being used as noted above. I don't expect the truth to be clearly told, this is a huge issue with impact on big money and politics beyond party lines. Truth is often ridiculed before it is generally accepted.

    Now I can see why so many chains like Safeway are coming out with a complete line of organics, dairy, grains, fresh etc.

    Buy the best and safest human grade pet foods you can. Make your own wet foods or feed natural raw etc. We got together and ordered Canidae by special order with our health food store and got a discount spread among all of us and it's now almost the same as Purina etc. We've already called our local Congresspersons and demanded a study, and if you go to your state government web site they usually have an automated email system and you can in moments send off an email demanding better standards for pet food, testing etc.

    I cannot say all that I was told is true, but each day in the last month my jaw is dropping that this nutritionist was telling me the truth back then. I am trying to locate her, but I believe she got fed up and moved to do research studies in Asia.
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    I wrote a reply

    but my youngest dog jumped up on the computer keyboard and it either disappeared or got sent. lol

    That is really scary and sad. Humans capacity to cheat for profit and power is shocking. News abilities to not speak the truth and even just fabricate stories is amazing.

    I do have to say I've heard some tales of organic and free range not being what one thinks it is adds to more insecurity. As Stephen said the animals could have been raised right next to the toxic dump and could still pass as organic.

    God/Higher Power whatever your belief is help us all.

    Stephen: It's true, even with organic there are issues of quality. It's going to take some more time to check things out but in the long run your pet's health and yours is worth it.
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      I have asked before & perhaps it was overlooked

      How do you know how much raw or cooked human grade food to feed to your pets? Is there a calorie conversion somewhere?
      I did raw for a while but felt it was too much work having to find affordable meat to feed other than chicken. I purchased several raw books, still wasn't comfortable- too much of this , not enough of this......

      Care to share Stephen?



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        I would have believed you, Stephen. Us nuts have to stick together, right?


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          This is very interesting. I hope you can find her. I bet everyone would like to hear what she has to say now!


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            I cannot speak for raw but we have members here that do well.

            You can get mostly or near "human grade" pet foods such as Canidae both dry and wet. We have a talk radio show here and the description for the show included the guests top ten, but there are others too. For portions just follow their recommendations and adjust as necessary.

            We make our own wet food too with certified organic veggies and meats from farms in our area where we know the owners. The dogs just love it. It's quite lean meat as we have a Lab we have to watch her weight.
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              Stephen, interesting. My thoughts about Canidae and other foods high in quality is this:

              Once many people start purchasing these foods, and the company gets BIG, that is when it seems to go downhill. So I think I'm feeding my dog a great food, and at one time it was, and then it goes kapoot---they got too big for their breeches and greedy too. Does this make sense?

              Most of our vegetables come from my in-laws garden. It's HUGE. We cut a lot of the food off the stalk/plant, etc. and either freeze it or can it, so we can eat it throughout the year. We are careful about where we get our meat, and often it comes from the cow next door, lol. Chicken is another issue.

              Anyway, I think we here in America are very fortunate. In 4 years in Korea I heard a lot more horror stories about people dying from food contamination such as when China was selling Crabs stuffed with lead to make them weigh more. People got very sick from these crabs. Most of the issues were seafood based.

              I think that sometimes it is unavoidable, while other times people should be imprisoned for their irresponsible behavior.

              Tammy in Utah
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                Originally posted by SpikeyTheYorkie View Post
                Once many people start purchasing these foods, and the company gets BIG, that is when it seems to go downhill. So I think I'm feeding my dog a great food, and at one time it was, and then it goes kapoot---they got too big for their breeches and greedy too. Does this make sense?
                I agree with your 100% Spikey. Eventually every company tries to cut corners and increase their profits; it's the nature of a business. This is another reason why I support buying as much food as you can LOCALLY. Meats & produce raised as close to you as possible where you can go see how the livestock are raised, and local produce that hasn't been trucked all over to get to your door. You are supporting the little guy and feeding (very likely) a safer product.

                Do you know that on average, our produce travels 1500 miles before we buy it? Along those 1500 miles it could be contaminated any number of times, as well as spoil, and waste huge environmental resources getting to our door. If you have a farmer's market nearby, use it!