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Corn recall in South Africa

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  • Corn recall in South Africa

    Since this post wasn't posted in the other topic, I'll try to put it here and see if it can go through. I hope so cause I think this subject is of great concern for all of us and to stay on top of it all.
    It's corn recall in South Africa but will be here soon too.

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    « Recall Update: Thursday
    Highlights from FDA’s Press Conference »
    Melamine in Corn Gluten Linked to South African Pet Illnesses
    The 29 cases of renal failure in South Africa has been linked to melamine in
    corn gluten used in pet food. Corn gluten is used extensively in the US.

    Tests have confirmed that Vets Choice and Royal Canin dog and cat dry
    pet-food products contained corn gluten contaminated with melamine, says the

    The contaminated corn gluten was delivered to Royal Canin by a South
    African third-party supplier and appears to have originated from China.

    We were tracking cases of the South African pet deaths before and have heard
    rumors of corn gluten contamination.

    At this point, we believe that all corn gluten should be considered at risk
    for contamination and should be tested by every pet food manufacturer and
    the FDA.

    Please help us track all pet food that contains corn gluten in this Forums

    Update: 30 pets die from contaminated food. A stunning quote:

    An independent pathologist, Professor Fred Reyers said the outbreak may
    not be an isolated incident. He believed there was sufficient evidence to
    suggest a link between this outbreak and a similar one in Cape Town as well
    as one in the United States.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: It was a difficult decision (and we know that some will
    accuse us of sparking panic) but based on patterns of development and
    expansion of recall in the US, Itchmo has issued an email Safety Alert to
    pet parents out of abundance of caution. We believe all pet parents should
    be given the information to make informed judgements to form their own
    reactions. We believe it is not up to us to decide what you should or
    shouldn’t know.


    (Thanks to Howl911)

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