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    My name is Abby. I'm a black Labrador retriever living with my mom and dad, my sister Morgan, my new friend CJ and another dog I'm still not sure of, that they call Jamie. I love my life here. Dad and mom are the best. We get to go for walks, have treats, play in the front and back yard and snuggle with dad and mom on the couches when we are sleepy.

    Linda Bruch

    A few months ago, Mom let me write a doggie advice column in the place of her regular column. For that column everyone in our house sent me a letter asking a question and I got to answer them. It was really fun.

    Mom looked kind of busy this week, so I asked if I could help her by writing my advice column for her this week. She said yes, so we asked a couple of my other dog friends to send in their questions. I hope they follow my advice, it's pretty good, if I do say so myself.

    Dear Abby:

    I really like coming to your house to visit and spend time with you and your family. But I don't really like being your personal play toy and having you and Morgan constantly picking on me. I don't really have a question for you, it's actually more of a request or make that, a command. You need to leave me alone. I've put up with the likes of you before and I don't want to do it anymore. Now I'll say it again, because I know Labradors sometimes need to be told things twice, leave me alone! Now you know why I talk so crabby to you two.


    Just Crabby and Tired

    Dear CAT:

    Don't think of it as being picked on. Instead think of it as being studied. We only want to know more about you, see what makes you tick, not tick you off. Anyway, this was all Morgan's idea, so really should take this up with her. And just for the record, Labradors don't need to be told things twice, three actually works better.

    Dear Abby:

    I'm a Golden retriever, pant, pant, pant, and I do everything fast, you know, really, really fast. Sometimes I spin around in front of my mom doing "whoop-de-doos," really, really fast. My mom wants me to settle down, pant, pant, pant. I don't want to, should I?


    Fast and loving life

    Dear FALL:

    The only thing you should do fast is eat. This ensures no one will take it away from you. Otherwise, my fellow retriever pal, slow down. Take some time to smell the fence posts, tree trunks or any of the other spots that have been tinkled on by our fellow dogs. By the way, what the heck are whoop-de-doos? I suggest, find a sun spot, take lots of naps and lay off the "doo."

    Dear Abby:

    I'm a Cocker Spaniel and every so often I have to go to this place my mom calls the groomer. They wash my fur and then give me a pretty haircut. When my mom picks me up she always says I look so pretty. I really like going to the groomer because I like looking so pretty for my mom. How can I get them to take me there more often?


    Stylin' in Billings

    Dear SIB:

    Roll in poo; that ought to do it.
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    HA HA! cute!