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  • Ice

    Tonight on our local news station WCAU NBC10 out of Philly, they were doing a news report about the ice and they had a family from Walnutport helping them with the piece, showing how they taught their 3 young children about the dangers of ice and that the teens in the area are very careless and the police were making extra patrols along the canal. Well the family had thier dog with them, loose, saw him in one shot. The camera guy had a finish shot of some ducks swimming to illistrate the point that the ice was thick but would go to thin in a moment. Don't ya know that the familys little dog saw those ducks and ran into the thin ice and drowned he was an 8 month old corgi I think. The family is devestated. I should think so...I looked for the link on that news website not up yet, didn't see it. Poor dog and poor family. I wish they would have thought of a leash.

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    So sad....

    oh, that is just horrible! I hate hearing things like that. So sad. Poor little dog. He absolutely should have been on a leash.


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      That is terrible, makes my heart hurt. That's why I always say better safe than sorry. It may be fun to let your dog run free but you never know where he might run to. We have a lot more knowledge than they do and people seem to forget that.


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        That is so sad. Poor little dog. Sometimes it takes a hard lesson to learn something. Maybe this family will use a leash on their next pup. Don't take me wrong, I feel for the family but this could have been prevented. It is such a shame.
        "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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            Pampered it just said a said follow up to this story... then explained what happened right after that end shot of the ducks. Sad........


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              That is terrible. I feel awful for the dog and the owners. I agree the dog should have been leashed. I saw in the news about a year or so ago that a dog was retrieving a toy at the beach and was attacked and killed by a shark. I’m beginning to think that bodies of water are not very safe.