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Grieving Pet Owners Offered a Free Pet Adoption

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  • Grieving Pet Owners Offered a Free Pet Adoption

    FORT MYERS: A devastating arson fire that was started at the Department of Probation and Parole in Fort Myers took the lives of seven pets that were kenneled at a nearby groomer. Because of their loss, Lee County Animal Services is going to provide free pet adoptions to the owners whose pets died in the fire.

    For many people, the death of the animals was a hard fact to accept.

    "I was shocked, surprised that it happened to begin with. It must have happened so quickly, there wasn't a chance to get the animals out of the other building," said Scott Trebatoski, Director of Lee County Animal Services.

    But with Lee County Animal Services offering complimentary adoptions, their owners will have a chance to take home a new pet if they chose to do so.

    "Whenever they are ready, we'll have an animal for them," said Trebatoski.

    The money is coming from the Lee County Animal Care trust fund. Because healing times vary for different people, there is no deadline on when the owners can take home their new pet.

    "We just need to know if they are interested, whether it's now or in the future, and we'll take care of it from there," said Trebatoski.

    Even though the nice gesture will not replace their original dogs, the offer will save the owners the hundreds of dollars they would have spent adopting another pet.

    Fire investigators say they are still looking for the arsonist. Officials with the Florida Committee on Arson Prevention have put up a $2,500 reward and Crime Stoppers is offering another $1,000 if you offer a tip that helps catch the criminal.

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    That's nice that they are offering free adoption. It's just a shame what happened. So sad. My heart goes out to all involved.


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      Good People

      As bad as some humans are there is another just as good.